About Us

Founded in 2014, we are a group of passionate people who want to change the course of Malaysian Tech. We only have one goal, which is to improve the current state of Malaysian Life, to allow them to have Work Life Balance.

With our tech consultation, we can simplify the process flow of companies combined with our customized software. Our software can make companies and employees save ALOT of time and allow them to work more efficiently and in other words cut cost for companies as well.

We also work closely with Retailers to improve their approach to customers and to pull the gap between them closer to each other. For retailers, we specialise in retaining customers and analysing data for a them to have a much efficient way to make impact.

Lastly, we want to help Malaysian Startup grow big, if you are a startup, you can try talking to us, we will see how can we work together.

In the end of the day, we are all about dreams, and helping people realising their dreams. Who said that dreams can only be fulfilled in Silicon Valley?

Give yourself a chance to grow big, give a chance to Invoke Group.


In Invoke Group, our Mission is to make Malaysians life better. We aim to simplify each process from working, to shopping and to Malaysian’s everyday life. So that no more OTs should be given, and no more time shall be wasted for more quality time to spend with their Family and Friends.


Our Vision is to become the biggest software company in Malaysia within the year 2025, and by biggest we mean to upgrade the qualities and usefulness of app and softwares in the Malaysia market so that we can be on par with other countries in a Tech level.